How we manage your care planning

We create a care plan for all of our clients. This is the document which sets out the services we will provide and we take a great deal of care to ensure that we put the right plan in place for each of our clients.

The plan is drawn up in consultation with the client, their relatives and health care and social services professionals. It is based on an assessment of risk and of the needs and preferences of the client.

How we use the care plan

The care plan will give the support workers the information needed to carry out the agreed tasks. We make every effort to accommodate all of your needs and our staff are always willing to go the extra mile for their clients.

There may be occasions, however, where a support worker can not carry out a task which is not in the care plan. If there are issues which need to be resolved these can be addressed during our regular care plan reviews.

Care plan reviews

We make a point of reviewing every care plan on a regular basis to ensure that our clients continue to receive the service which best fits their needs. We will also carry out a review whenever the client's circumstances change as a result of illness, or changes to living arrangements.

Designing an individual care plan for a client usually involves the following steps

Step 1

Initial contact from the client, a relative or professional services

Step 2

Informal meeting with client and relatives to discuss needs and taking into account budget available

Step 3

Consultation with health and social service professionals if any are involved in the client's care

Step 4

Drawing up an agreement of the care plan with the client and their relatives


We welcome the opportunity to discuss your care needs or the needs of a loved one on an informal basis