About us

We aim to provide a service which allows our clients to live safely and securely in their own homes and to enhance their lifestyle to help them to be independent and comfortable.

We provide this service to a wide range of clients who have a variety of care needs, some temporary, others on a long term basis. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and dedication.

Working with you

Our approach is based around the idea of working with our clients. We provide the level of care which you think you need rather than according to some pre-set plan.

Often the care needs are first identified by relatives, particularly in the case of older clients, and we always consult everybody concerned when putting together a care plan for your loved one. We also report back regularly on problems and successes to ensure that everyone who needs to know, including social services and medical professionals, is kept in the loop regarding a client's welfare.

An individual and flexible approach

Experience has taught us that every client has a different set of care needs. We also know that care requirements can change over time. We aim to approach every situation on an individual basis because we are aware that what works for one person will not be appropriate for another.

Above all we aim to to treat all clients with the dignity and respect which everyone deserves. We believe that you know your care needs or the needs of a loved one better than anyone and this is always our guide.

The Caring Company is required to meet standards of service as specified in the Care Standards Act of 2000. We will regularly review this service and update our polices and procedures.

  • Work with in the guidelines and legislation of accepted good practise

  • Ensure all carers have been checked by the criminal records bureau

  • Ensure carers are regularly monitored, supervised and that training is updated as necessary

  • Operate an equal opportunities policy in regard to both staff and service users


We welcome the opportunity to discuss your care needs or the needs of a loved one on an informal basis